I got a lot done on my one day off… .

  • I ordered all the parts needed for a GPS mount for my motorcycle.
  • I road my motorcycle for an hour all over the Bronx
  • I ordered comicon tickets(if you didnt yet HURRY only thursdays are available, everything else is sold out)
  • I emailed a motorcycle shop to see if their patented frame is compatible with my motorcycle so that i can turn my buell blast into a chopper.

it will go from this

to this

hopefully these three days of work and school will go by fast so i can catch up on chores and ride more..



Dramatic photos capture the rapid decline of a single Detroit block

It’s a heartbreaking story told in just six pictures.

After a fire destroyed nine houses on one block of Garland Street in Detroit, the Detroit News looked back to tell the block’s story. While their reporting went back nearly a century, the images only need to go back seven years to make an impact.

The dangerous epidemic sweeping Detroit